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These are small strips of buffalo meat drying in the sun. A tried-and-true way to preserve food that will keep for many months without going bad.

Most of today's Northern Cheyenne that are traditionally-oriented toward ceremonies and cultural wellness love "dry meat" plates. It's a soup made with dry meat, with potatos and salt pork to slightly tenderize the boiled dry meat. To accent the soup, it's usually served with "fry bread" and berry pudding (choke cherry, plums, or june berries).

We mostly have deer meat to dry, a lot of regular cattle (which tastes "different" to me, but occasionally we get elk and buffalo and we are very proud and grateful to serve or recieve it). –Eugene LC 1/21/17
Dry Buffalo Meat
Taken with Canon EOS 350D DIGITAL
ISO 100, EV: +0.00, t=1/400s, f=60mm, f/5.6.
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