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It has come to my attention that a few individuals use the photography from this site for their own gains. So there's a little clarification about that:
  • The Internet is a vast place, but that doesn't mean rules don't apply. Just because things are posted for everyone to see doesn't imply that they're free to be taken.
  • All the images on this site ARE copyrighted work, and as such require permission to be used commercially. Non-commercial use, regardless of cultures, usually requires at least acknowledging the author.
  • I do not like that my images are being taken as item descriptions for eBay auctions. I'm pretty much aware that I can do little about it, so I can say this - they're protected - subtly, but easily to be recognized, even if you try to disguise them (there were a few that have tried already). If you still try to use them, you're a jerk and you'd better stay away from me.
  • I generally do not mind when my images are used in blogs, profiles, community pages etc. - I still however would like to hear about that BEFORE THEM BEING USED, and not from server logs.