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So my then-wife Judith Yellow Robe were (sponsoring) the all-important Sun Dance Ceremony that year. We Cheyenne generally call this "pledging." The contemporary Northern Cheyenne tribal government donated two buffalo to our ceremony, and Rambo snapped a pic of the hind quarter, I think, from when we were butchering it. That was tough if you don't have really good knives, let me tell you!

Anyway, there were a few good stories to tell just about that alone but we'll save that for another time. – Eugene LC 1/21/17
Buffalo Leg (Travels » US Trip 1: Cheyenne Country » misc)
Taken with Canon EOS 350D DIGITAL
ISO 100, EV: +0.33, t=1/1000s, f=60mm, f/5.0.
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