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Bighorn Mountains are located in northern Wyoming stretching out to southern Montana – enormous mountain range sticking out of the plains, clearly visible from afar. You travel between the hills by curved, zigzagging asphalt roads slowly climbing their slopes. The look is fascinating, with breathtaking views on vast rocky valleys, forests on hills that seem go beyond the horizon. The rock formations have fanciful shapes and often very deceptive size – you won't sense how enormous they are until you get closer. All surrounded by eerie view on the prairie through misty air – the entire range looks like enormous island on the ocean of grass, fields and pastures.
So not to brag... ahem... but I'm a little over 6 feet tall without my shoes on. I don't know what that is in meters because I don't - in the US we have to be different, I guess. Anyway, Rambo is kind of small compared to
me BUT I couldn't help but notice his calves are bigger than mine! He has the calves of a professional body builder! I'm not sure if he was "on the juice" or what but let me tell you that boy is "buff." So take note, dear readers, of this most important fact about Rambo. – ELC 1/27/17
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