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In the Bighorn Mountains you'll find the Medicine Wheel, a stone ring that is thought to be a few thousand years old. It's another landmark easy to overlook, but this time it has its advantages – less people, easier to share information without worrying that somebody may misuse it.

This place is utmost worth seeing. The Wheel is located at the height of 9300 feet above sea surface on on desolate part of Medicine Mountain. That also gives an unforgettable view on the surroundings – even several dozens of miles away. To reach it, however, you need use a path that is over a mile long to climb several hundred feet – and it's cold, very cold. It wasn't uncommon to see snow on the way.

While this landmark still puzzles archaeologists and anthropologists, for Cheyennes the answer is simple – it's their territorial mark, and ground for the Massaum ceremony. Things have changed a lot though, and the wheel itself, as Eugene expressed, from place of worship has become a place TO worship. Everywhere around there are ribbons and tobacco bags hanging. We even found a bobtail feet and somebody threw bones inside the Wheel. In the times of cultural revisionism, it's hard to keep fidelity and truth, because, even if you try, you're out-cried by individuals, who build their beliefs by guesses and eclectic incorporation of others' cultures.
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