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Bear Butte is a sacred site for the Cheyenne and, although many tribes currently claim their identity to this mountain, only the Cheyenne have both historical as spiritual bond. It is said that here the Creator and sacred beings inhabiting the mountain gave Sweet Medicine 4 Sacred Arrows and knowledge of ceremonies that would ensure Cheyennes' prosperity and well-being. It marks the beginning of the nation the Cheyenne were to the era of their culture being destroyed (the proper word here would be: erased) following US Indian Policy of XIX and the beginning of XX century.

Bear Butte hit the news when a bikers' bar has been opened very close to the mountain. That gathered all sorts of "defenders" of the Butte, Indians of various tribes and cultures and even hippies. Some people just wanted to "make a name", and they actually made things worse for everyone instead of helping. It's however less known that already in 1930's Cheyennes called for protection of Bear Butte, and from 70's they've been buying pieces of land to create a "safety zone" around the mountain.
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