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Bighorn Mountains are located in northern Wyoming stretching out to southern Montana – enormous mountain range sticking out of the plains, clearly visible from afar. You travel between the hills by curved, zigzagging asphalt roads slowly climbing their slopes. The look is fascinating, with breathtaking views on vast rocky valleys, forests on hills that seem go beyond the horizon. The rock formations have fanciful shapes and often very deceptive size – you won't sense how enormous they are until you get closer. All surrounded by eerie view on the prairie through misty air – the entire range looks like enormous island on the ocean of grass, fields and pastures.
From the conservative "right" to the liberal "left" we have Marcin "Rambo" Roguski, Rufus "Grand Shaman" Spear, and Eugene "Ego Supreme" Little Coyote. Such a great trip -- nay, an odyssey. Next time will be even better because we'll take our time. – Eu
Me, Rufus and Gene (Travels » US Trip 1: Cheyenne Country » The Journey » Bighorn Mountains)
Show on map Taken with Canon EOS 350D DIGITAL
ISO 100, EV: +0.33, t=1/80s, f=24mm, f/9.0.
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