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The Devils Tower, or rather Bear Lodge, is – I believe – very familiar to most people, especially Sci-Fi movies' fans – it was a silent star of the popular Close Encounters of the Third Kind movie. It is a mountain most likely of volcanic origin, which got its unusual shape by erosion of its walls. No movie though will show you how really magnificent, beautiful it is and how it constantly seems to change shape because of play of light and shadows. Many tribes have their legends associated with this landmark, most notable one about "a sister and her brothers", where for them it is a mean to escape a big buffalo (or bear), to become stars in the sky. A variation of this legend is also told by Cheyenne People.
Show on map Taken with Canon EOS 350D DIGITAL
ISO 100, EV: +0.33, t=1/1000s, f=60mm, f/5.0.
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